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Generator Maintenance Check List Apr 10, 2023

Regular inspection of the generator set is an indispensable item to ensure the long-term stable operation of the generator, Before using the engine, what items should we check the generator? 


1. Check for any damage or wear to the generator, including any visible damage to the housing, wiring, or connections.


2. Check all fuel lines, fuel filters, and fuel tanks for any clogs, leaks, or damage.


3. Check the oil level and condition.


4. Inspect the spark plugs and wiring for any damage or wear.


5. Clean all parts of the generator, including the housing, fuel lines, and engine components.


6. Check the battery for any corrosion or damage.


7. Test the generator to ensure that it is working properly.


8. Inspect the alternator and other components of the generator system.


9. Adjust the generator settings as necessary.


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