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Perkins Generator Maintenance Schedule Apr 26, 2023

Perkins generator maintenance Perkins dg set


A Perkins generator is a reliable source of power, but like any other machine, it requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and reliability. A well-maintained Perkins generator can provide many years of uninterrupted service. Here is a recommended maintenance schedule for Perkins generators:


Daily Maintenance:

Check oil and coolant levels, fuel level, and battery electrolyte level. Inspect the exhaust system and ensure there are no leaks.


Weekly Maintenance:

Check air filter and clean or replace if necessary. Inspect the fan belt for wear and proper tension. Check for any fuel, oil, or coolant leaks.


Monthly Maintenance:

Change the oil and oil filter. Check the coolant level and add coolant as necessary. Inspect the fuel system for leaks and clean the fuel filter.


Every 500 Hours Maintenance:

Replace the air filter element. Check and adjust the valve clearance. Inspect the fuel system for leaks and replace the fuel filter. Replace the coolant.


Every 1000 Hours Maintenance:

Replace the engine oil and filter. Check and adjust the valve clearance. Replace the air filter element. Inspect and clean the cooling system. Inspect the generator brushes and clean or replace if necessary.


It's important to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Perkins generator to ensure its reliability and longevity. Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs and downtime in the future. It's also important to have a qualified technician perform any maintenance or repairs on your Perkins generator to ensure the job is done correctly.


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