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350kVA SDEC Generator Used for Building Emergency Power Supply in Thailand 23 / 06

350kVA SDEC Generator Used for Building Emergency Power Supply in Thailand



SDEC is one of the best and largest brands in China, In its nearly 70 years of development, SDEC sells its products all over the world. SDEC now has seven series of high-quality diesel and natural gas engines, with power ranging from 45kW to 800kW. 


Hosem SDEC series Genset not only has good quality but also with competitive price, complete genset with scientific design.


  1. The cabinets are all detachable structures, made of spliced steel plates, coated with high-performance anti-rust paint, and have noise reduction and rain-proof functions.
  2. The inside of the box adopts a multi-layer barrier impedance mismatched muffler structure and a built-in large impedance muffler.
  3. There is a large-capacity fuel tank inside the box body, and there are two inspection doors on the left and right at the same time, so as to facilitate the troubleshooting of the unit. At the same time, there is an observation window and an emergency shutdown button on the box, so as to observe the operation of the unit and stop the unit at the fastest speed when an emergency occurs to avoid damage to the unit.
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