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Common Faults of Diesel Generator Set and it's treatment methods (2) Aug 31, 2022

After the installation of the Industrial generator set, regular maintenance is also important. After the long-term use of the marine generator set, there are problems of low speed and unstable speed. How should we solve them? Hosem Power gives you the following suggestions:


Failure of occurrence: The speed of generator set is low or unstable


Possible reasons for this issue:

1. The fuel filter is clogged

2. The fuel system is not working properly

3. The governor is not working properly

4. The ambient temperature is low or not preheated

5. The AVR/DVR does not work properly

6. The engine speed is too low


Treatment method:

1. Replace the fuel filter

2. Check the engine preheating system, run the engine no load and bring it up to operating temperature

3. Check engine governor


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