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Common Faults of Diesel Generator Set and it's treatment methods (1) Aug 16, 2022

Malfunction that occurred: The generator could not start


Cause (Circuit Aspect):

  1. The circuit is not working properly
  2. Insufficient battery power
  3. The battery connector is corroded or the cable connection is loose
  4. The cable is improperly connected or the charger or battery is faulty
  5. Starting motor failure
  6. The starting circuit of the control panel is faulty
  7. Other possible faults


Treatment method:

  1. Check the circuit
  2. Charge the battery and replace it if necessary
  3. Check cable terminals, tighten nuts, replace corroded connectors and nuts
  4. Check the connection between the charger and the battery
  5. Check the start/stop control circuit of the control panel


Cause (Engine Aspact):

  1. There is not enough fuel in the engine cylinder
  2. There is air in the fuel line
  3. The fuel filter is clogged
  4. The fuel system is not working properly
  5. The air filter is clogged
  6. Low ambient temperature
  7. The governor is not working properly


Treatment method:

  1. Check the fuel tank and fill it up
  2. Eliminate air from fuel system
  3. Replace the fuel filter
  4. Replace the air filter


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