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Notes on Using Diesel Generator Set Aug 12, 2022

1250kVA Cummins Generator


It is strictly prohibited to start diesel engine with load. Before starting the diesel generator set, note that the output air switch of the generator must be in the open state. After starting a normal diesel engine, it needs to run at idle speed for 3-5 minutes (about 700 RPM). The temperature in Winter is low, idle time should be appropriately extended to a few minutes. After the diesel engine starts, it is necessary to observe whether the oil pressure is normal, whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, and other abnormal phenomena.


If there is no abnormal phenomenon, increase the diesel engine speed to the rated speed of 1500 RPM. At this time, the generator display frequency is 50HZ, the voltage is 400V, and the output air switch can be closed and put into use. The diesel generator set is not allowed to run for a long time without load. (Because long-term no-load operation will make the diesel fuel injector can not be completely burned, resulting in carbon deposition, leading to valve and piston ring leakage.) If it is an automatic diesel generator set, do not have to idle, because the diesel engine automatic generator set is generally equipped with a water heater so that the cylinder of the diesel engine is always maintained at about 45℃, the diesel engine can be started within 8-15 seconds after the normal power supply.



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