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The Necessity of Installing Protective Devices for Generator Sets Aug 12, 2022

Although the diesel generator set is a relatively high-grade diesel generator set, but in the process of use often appear suddenly serious damage, so it is essential to install protective devices on the diesel generator set. Many users are reluctant to do this kind of protection because it saves money. In fact, protection measures are installed to protect diesel generator sets from excessive losses in unexpected situations. Hosem Power gives a few examples:


1, when the engine oil pipe burst and lack of oil, the oil pressure protection system starts to work, the diesel generator set immediately shut down.


2. When the engine oil supply system fails, the engine overspeed protection system starts to work, and immediately pull the oil breaker to stop the engine.


3. When the oil temperature and water temperature exceed the limit temperature, the temperature system starts to work, so that the engine stops.


When the diesel generator set engine occurs the above fault, the diesel generator set will be stopped immediately, and the fault will be recorded and sound alarm will be issued to remind the mechanic to check the cause of the fault, troubleshoot the fault, and ensure the normal operation of the generator set. If used in the cold area, winter will be at minus 30 degrees to use antifreeze to ensure normal operation of the unit.


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