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Common Problems Analysis of Generator Sets Jul 20, 2022

Due to the complex structure of the diesel generator set, many users buy the diesel generator set, but do not know how to operate it and maintain it, the following will introduce some precaution for ensuring good operation of Hosem Power diesel generator set:


What happens if the diesel generator is overloaded for a long time?


Genset usually cannot be overloaded when operating but can withstand short-term overloads. If the unit overload time is too long (exceed

Overrated power) something can happen.


Overheating of cooling system

Generator winding overheating

Low oil pressure due to decomposition of lubricating oil concentration

Unit life is shortened


What happens if the unit load is too low?


If the unit is operated at low load for a long time, the water temperature can not rise to the normal temperature, the viscosity of oil is large, and the friction becomes larger. The oil that should be burning in the cylinder is heated, causing paint to form on the cylinder pad. If low load persists, blue smoke may appear, or the liner may need to be removed or replaced.


What are the noise sources of diesel generator sets?


Intake noise, exhaust noise, and cooling fan noise

Combustion noise of combustion chamber and mechanical noise of friction of engine parts

Noise generated by high-speed rotation of the rotor in the electromagnetic field


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