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How to save fuel consumption of genset Jun 23, 2022

Fuel consumption is an important index to measure the performance of Genset, in our daily use, there are ways to reduce fuel consumption:


1.To make reasonable use of the Industrial generator set, it must first be used within the rated power range. Overloaded use will definitely increase the operating burden of the generator set and reduce the service life of the equipment. Unit damage, with the increase of the number of use, fuel consumption is bound to be higher


2. before the generator set is used, two layers of silk cloth can be added to the filter screen of the oil supply system to improve the combustion rate by reducing impurities in the oil, so as to reduce fuel consumption, or two layers of oil can be carried out first. Wait for four days to settle, then use


3. the generator set is usually cooled by air cooling and water cooling system during operation, but if the temperature is too low when starting, it will reduce the viscosity of oil and reduce the movement resistance of equipment, which will lead to the failure of diesel combustion. In order to achieve power generation, fuel consumption is bound to increase, so it is necessary to preheat the engine when starting, or improve the temperature of cooling water, so that the body of the equipment and oil start to work in an efficient temperature environment.


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