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Generator Fuel Consumption Calculator May 06, 2023

Generator fuel consumption


When using a diesel generator set, many users are concerned about its fuel consumption. In general, a 500KW diesel generator set consumes about 127 liters of fuel per hour, and the size of the load has little impact on it. However, higher loads result in higher throttle and greater fuel consumption, while smaller loads result in smaller relative fuel consumption. The key to fuel efficiency lies in proper maintenance and good condition of the diesel generator set. If the cylinder liner and piston are worn, fuel consumption will be affected. It is also important to consider the performance of the diesel generator set itself.


To calculate the fuel consumption of a 200KW diesel generator set operating for eight hours, we need to know the specific diesel engine that is used. For example, a 6 cylinder Cummins Engine 6LTAA8.9G2 is commonly used for a 200KW generator set. The fuel consumption of diesel engines generally about 220 g/kW/h, depending on the brand and machine. For instance, if we assume a fuel consumption of 220g/kW/h, the calculation would be: 200 (KW) * 220g=44000 (g). Assuming the density of No. 0 diesel oil is about 840 (g/L), 44000/840=52.3 (L). Therefore, the fuel consumption of a 200KW diesel generator set operating at 100% load is about 52.3 liters.

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