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Regular Cleaning Operation of Diesel Generator Filter May 06, 2023

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Regular cleaning of the filter of a diesel generator can help maintain the engine's efficiency and prolong its service life. The type of filter used in the diesel generator affects the cleaning process. There are three types of filters commonly used in Starlight diesel generators: felt filter, high pressure slot filter, and paper filter element type filter.


The felt filter is composed of a metal mesh, a silk cloth cover, and a felt filter piece. The filter element is installed in the filter body and is composed of several thicker and thinner pieces that are alternately installed on the filter screen. The fuel enters the inner cavity between the filter element and the housing from the fuel inlet pipe, and then flows into the inner cavity of the metal mesh through the felt filter and the silk cloth sleeve. The air is collected in the upper part of the filter, and the bleeder cock is used to release air from the oil chamber and filter the air in the fuel.


The high pressure slot filter is made of ground steel filter rod, which is inserted into the sleeve with a very small clearance. There are 8-40 oil grooves milled on the filter rod, half of which are oil inlet and the other half are oil outlet. The fuel enters from one end and flows out from the other end through the gap, leaving small impurities in the groove for filtering.


The paper filter element type filter is composed of a filter element, housing, and filter base. The fuel is sent to the fuel filter by the oil transfer pump, and the impurities in the fuel are removed through the paper filter element. The excess fuel returns to the fuel tank through the return connector when the fuel pressure in the fuel filter exceeds 0.08MPa. The filter base is connected with the shell by a pull rod and is sealed by a rubber ring. The upper end of the filter base is provided with a bleed screw, which can be loosened during use to remove the air in the fuel filter.


The cleaning process for each type of filter may vary, but in general, the filter should be cleaned or replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions or when the filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris. It is important to follow the recommended cleaning or replacement schedule to ensure the diesel generator operates efficiently and effectively.

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