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  • How to Check the Authenticity of Cummins Engine? Aug 08, 2022
    How to identify the authenticity of the Cummins engine:   Cummins is the largest foreign engine investment enterprise in China. It has two factory locate in Chongqing and Xianyang City respectively, and Cummins series engines are loved by people because of their reliable and durable quality. However, with the wide use of Cummins engines in the world, some fakes of Cummins engines also appear. In the market, how to effectively distinguish whether the engine is genuine? Hosem Power provides you with several methods Appearance: For professionals who are familiar with the engine, the authenticity of the engine can be identified by the appearance, color, and overall color difference of the engine. Identification of the logo: There are logo stickers of the corresponding brand on the body of the diesel engine. Nameplate identification: The nameplate on the engine is marked with the engine number, and there are corresponding codes on the cylinder block and oil pump. Call the original fact...
  • Diesel Generator for Australian Market, with 304 Stainless Steel Canopy and Double-wall Fuel Tank Jan 06, 2023
    Diesel Generator for Australian Market, with 304 Stainless Steel Canopy and Double-wall Fuel Tank   Generator Set Specification Model A-P165 Max. Power kVA 165 kW 132 Rate Power kVA 150 kW 120 Frequency Hz 50 Rate Voltage V 400/230 Rate Current A 216.5 Fuel Tank Capacity L 250 Dimension For Open-type Genset mm 2450 X 800 X 1400 Weight For Open-type Genset kg 1590 Dimension For Soundproof Genset mm 3200 X 1080 X 1500 Weight For Soundproof Generator kg 2090 Noise Level for Soundproof Generator at 7M dBA 72 Battery One of 120A Free Maintenance Battery   Engine Specification Engine Manufacturer Perkins Engines Company Limited Engine Brand Perkins Engine Model 1106A-70TAG2 No. of Cylinder 6 Cylinder in line Aspiration Turbocharged and Air to Air Aftercooled Governor Electric Engine Max. Output Power kW 153.6 Displacement L 7.0 Compression Ratio 16.0 : 1 Starting Voltage V 12 Bore mm 105 Stroke mm 135 Lubrication Oil Capacity L 16.5 Intake Air Flow L/S N.A. Fuel Consumption at 100%...
  • Regular Cleaning Operation of Diesel Generator Filter May 06, 2023
      Regular cleaning of the filter of a diesel generator can help maintain the engine's efficiency and prolong its service life. The type of filter used in the diesel generator affects the cleaning process. There are three types of filters commonly used in Starlight diesel generators: felt filter, high pressure slot filter, and paper filter element type filter.   The felt filter is composed of a metal mesh, a silk cloth cover, and a felt filter piece. The filter element is installed in the filter body and is composed of several thicker and thinner pieces that are alternately installed on the filter screen. The fuel enters the inner cavity between the filter element and the housing from the fuel inlet pipe, and then flows into the inner cavity of the metal mesh through the felt filter and the silk cloth sleeve. The air is collected in the upper part of the filter, and the bleeder cock is used to release air from the oil chamber and filter the air in the fuel.   The high pre...
  • Precautions Before Starting Cummins Industrial Generator May 29, 2023
      Before starting your Cummins engine generator, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure safe and efficient operation. Here are some key steps to follow:   Read the Manual: Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines provided in the generator set manual. Understand the safety precautions, maintenance procedures, and operational requirements specific to your Cummins generator model.   Perform Visual Inspection: Inspect the generator set for any signs of damage, leaks, loose connections, or abnormal wear. Check the fuel, oil, and coolant levels and ensure they are at the recommended levels.   Fuel Quality: Ensure that the fuel used is of the recommended type and meets the required specifications. Contaminated or poor-quality fuel can adversely affect the performance and longevity of the generator set.   Battery Inspection: Check the battery terminals for corrosion and ensure they are securely connected. Make sure the bat...
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