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    1. Powered by Cummins G-drive engine,

      1) Water cooling, 4 stroke, 4 cylinders

      2) Radiation with water tank & fan & safeguard

    3. Alternator: Original Stamford/Marathon (Made in China) or Hosem Brushless Alternator

      1) Single bearing, 4pole, and self-excited brushless.

      2) Insulation --H class, Protection -- IP22 (IP23 in marine)

      3) AVR(auto voltage regulation)

    Control System: Key starting, Auto control panel, Remote control panel, ATS(Auto transfer switch)


    Cummins 25kVA Generator Specification

  • Cummins Stamford Generator

    The Cummins A-C165 is a 150 kVA Three Phase Auto Start 50Hz Silent Diesel Generator featuring the Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G12 engine & Stamford UCI 274 F alternator. 


    The Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G12 is a robust engine that has been rigorously tested and proven in the market over decades. Its unmatched durability ensures it can withstand any challenging conditions with ease.


    Our generators come equipped with an intelligent controller that monitors critical engine and alternator functions. From digital genset metering to comprehensive component protection and utility voltage monitoring, this controller offers a wide range of features. You can also configure time delays for start and stop operations, providing you with precise control over your power supply.


    With our extensive global after-sales system, we alleviate your concerns about maintenance and service. No matter where you are, our dedicated support network ensures prompt assistance and peace of mind.

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