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Hosem Power in 135th Canton Fair 16 / 04

Fuzhou Hosem Power in Canton Fair     hosem power canton fair


Hosem Power are thrilling to attend the 135th Canton Fair which was an extraordinary opportunity for us, to showcase our latest innovations and engage with esteemed customers from around the globe. This time, we take the Perkins generators, SDEC generator sets, and our newly developed Linz-type welding generator. 


Perkins Generators: Renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, our Perkins generators garnered significant attention from visitors seeking high-quality power solutions. 


SDEC Generator Sets: Our SDEC generator sets exemplify excellence in power generation, featuring innovative designs and robust construction. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, these generators offer superior performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity, making them the preferred choice for customers worldwide.


New Linz-Type Welding Generator: In line with our commitment to innovation, we introduced our latest development: the Linz-type welding generator. This groundbreaking solution combines the power generation capabilities of a conventional generator with the welding functionalities of a dedicated welding machine. With versatile applications across construction, manufacturing, and automotive industries, this innovation sparked keen interest among attendees.


Throughout the event, we had the privilege of engaging in fruitful discussions and exchanges with esteemed customers and industry professionals. Their insightful feedback and inquiries underscored the growing demand for reliable power solutions tailored to diverse needs and applications. We were particularly pleased to witness the enthusiasm and interest expressed by attendees in our generator and marine generator offerings.

Whatever your needs, our equipment will ensure your business is always on.
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