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Full Container Cummins Generator Ready Dipatch to Philippines 30 / 06

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Fuzhou Hosem Power, a leading provider of high-quality generator sets, is thrilled to announce the arrival of a full container of Cummins generator sets that are ready to be shipped to the flourishing Philippines market. This development marks a significant milestone for us as we continue to expand our reach and serve customers with reliable power solutions.


At Fuzhou Hosem Power, we understand the importance of an uninterrupted power supply, particularly in regions where power outages can disrupt daily operations and cause inconvenience. With our range of Cummins generator sets, we aim to address the growing demand for efficient and dependable power solutions in the Philippines.


Cummins is renowned for its superior performance, durability, and global reputation as a trusted brand in the generator industry. Power from 20kVA to 2000kVA. We are proud to offer a comprehensive lineup of Cummins generator sets that cater to a wide range of power requirements, from residential and commercial applications to industrial and large-scale projects.


There are two factories of Cummins for power generation in China, they are DCEC and CCEC.

DCEC, located in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, was the first joint venture between Cummins and a Chinese company. Since its establishment in 1986, DCEC has been at the forefront of engine manufacturing in China. The company boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled workforce, ensuring the production of world-class engines.


DCEC specializes in the production of mid-range engines that cater to various applications in the power generation industry. These engines are renowned for their durability, fuel efficiency, and low emissions. With advanced technologies and stringent quality control measures, DCEC engines have gained a reputation for their outstanding performance and reliability.


CCEC: Powering Industries with Excellence


CCEC, located in Chongqing, is another joint venture between Cummins and a Chinese company. Since its establishment in 1995, CCEC has played a vital role in powering industries across China and beyond. The company's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has propelled it to the forefront of the power generation industry.


CCEC specializes in the production of heavy-duty engines that excel in demanding applications. These engines are designed to deliver superior power, efficiency, and durability, making them ideal for critical power generation needs. CCEC engines are known for their exceptional performance, enhanced reliability, and optimal fuel consumption, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of industries.


Cummins Product Series: Powering Versatility


China Cummins Engine offers a comprehensive range of product series that cater to diverse power generation requirements. These product series include:


B Series: Known for their compact size, fuel efficiency, and reliable performance, B Series engines are suitable for a wide range of applications, from small residential backup power to larger commercial and industrial power generation.


C Series: C Series engines are renowned for their versatility and robustness. With a broad range of power outputs, they are well-suited for heavy-duty power generation applications, such as data centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and infrastructure projects.


K Series: K Series engines are designed to deliver exceptional power density and high performance. These engines are commonly used in standby and prime power applications where reliability, durability, and rapid response are crucial.


Q Series: Q Series engines are the epitome of power and reliability. With their impressive power outputs, exceptional durability, and low operating costs, Q Series engines are ideal for continuous power generation in critical applications, including large-scale industrial complexes and utility power plants.


Cummins engines, manufactured by DCEC and CCEC, are synonymous with quality, performance, and longevity. These engines are engineered to meet stringent international standards and are backed by Cummins' extensive global service network, ensuring reliable after-sales support and maintenance.


To learn more about our Cummins generator sets or to inquire about our power solutions, please visit our website or contact our dedicated sales team at sale@hosempower.com. We look forward to serving the Philippines market with our top-notch generator sets and exceptional customer service.


Fuzhou Hosem Power is committed to empowering businesses and communities with reliable power solutions, and we are confident that our Cummins generator sets will make a positive impact in the Philippines market. Stay tuned for more updates and news as we continue to grow and innovate in the power generation industry.


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