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Isuzu 25kVA Generator For Thailand 21 / 06

A Isuzu generator sets is ready ship to customers in Thailand. With a strong focus on reliability, durability, and efficiency, these Isuzu-powered generator sets offer unmatched performance to meet the power needs of various applications.


Generator Set Specification
Model A-I28
Max. Power kVA 28
kW 22
Rate Power kVA 25
kW 20
Frequency Hz 50
Rate Voltage V 400/230
Rate Current A 36.1
Dimension For Open-type Genset mm 1350 X 750 X 1050
Weight For Open-type Genset kg 570
Dimension For Soundproof Genset mm 1800 X 850 X 1200
Weight For Soundproof Generator kg 880
Noise Level at 7 Meters dBA 70
Fuel Tank Capacity Litres 50
Battery One of 80A Free Maintenance Battery


The Isuzu generator sets from Hosem Power Co. Ltd. are designed to provide uninterrupted power supply and exceptional performance in demanding environments. Equipped with Isuzu's renowned diesel engines, these generator sets deliver exceptional power output and outstanding fuel efficiency. The Isuzu engines are known for their robust construction, reliable performance, and low emissions, making them an ideal choice for customers in Thailand seeking a dependable power solution.


Isuzu generator


Engine Specification
Engine Manufacturer Jiangxi Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd.
Engine Brand Isuzu
Engine Model JE493DB-02
No. of Cylinder 4 Cylinder in line
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Governor Mechanical
Engine Max. Output Power kW 27
Displacement L 2.7
Starting Voltage V 12
Bore mm 93
Stroke mm 102
Lubrication Oil Capacity L 5.6
Compression Ratio 18.2 : 1
Intake Air Flow M3/Min 2.45
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load L 6.3


Key features and performance highlights of the Isuzu generator sets include:


  1. Reliable Power Output: The Isuzu engines ensure a consistent and reliable power output, allowing customers to operate their essential equipment and machinery without any interruptions.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: The Isuzu engines are designed to optimize fuel consumption, providing cost-effective operation and reduced fuel expenses for customers in the long run.
  3. Durable Construction: These generator sets are built with high-quality components and a rugged enclosure, ensuring durability and longevity even in challenging environments.
  4. Low Noise Operation: The Isuzu generator sets incorporate advanced soundproofing technologies and insulation materials, resulting in low noise levels during operation. This makes them suitable for noise-sensitive areas and urban environments.
  5. Advanced Control System: The generator sets are equipped with a user-friendly control panel that allows for easy monitoring and operation. The advanced control system provides comprehensive data and protection features to ensure safe and efficient performance.


Hosem Power Co. Ltd. takes pride in its commitment to providing customers in Thailand with reliable and efficient power solutions. The introduction of the Isuzu generator sets further expands the company's product range, catering to the diverse needs of industries such as construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.


For more information about the Isuzu generator sets and other products offered by Hosem Power Co. Ltd., Learn more about Isuzu at https://www.hosempower.com/isuzu_c11 or contact our sales team at sale@hosempower.com


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