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  • Cummins power generator

    The container type generator set is designed in accordance with ISO/TC104 standard size to ensure it is suitable for ship transportation.

    Available in 20' and 40' container types.

    The container type generator set is sturdy and durable, with a high degree of protection, suitable for use under bad environmental conditions.

    It has a more reasonable exhaust design to ensure continuous power supply.

    Equipped with a 50°C radiator with a fan for sufficient engine cooling system guarantee long time working.

    Equipped with an advanced generator set control system, ATS system (optional), remote control system(optional), parallel operation system(optional), and optional control model such as Deep sea, Smartgen, and ComAp.

    Compliance with all main standards, such as GB/T2820, ISO8528, IEC34, CE, and EPA Tier4 standard.

    Rated voltage: 120V/240V, 220/380V, 230V/400V, 254V/440V, etc. other voltage is optional.

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