Engaging in Generator More Than 15 Years
Kubota Genset
Kubota Genset

Soundproof Diesel Generator Powered by Kubota

  1. Assembly by Cummins brand new engine and brand new single bearing alternator with IP23, class H. Options alternator Brands: Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon, Mecc Alte, Hosem, etc.
  2. Heavy-duty steel as the base plate with 8 hours operation fuel tank. 
  3. The extremely low noise level, the canopy is made of 2mm cold-rolled sheet, filled with 3cm thick flame retardant muffler cotton, complete gen-set with heavy-duty industrial type silencer with flexible bellow and elbow.
  4. Vibration damper between engine/alternator and base frame
  5. 3-pole circuit breaker.
  6. Options Controller brands: UK Deepsea, Czech ComAp, CN Smartgen etc.
  7. Full range protect function and alarm shutdown feature
  8. Comply with ISO8528 national standard and ISO9001 quality standard.

Benifit of Kubota Genset


  1. Kubota gen-set with International Warranty Service
  2. With ISO9001&CE certification
  3. Original imported (Japan) engines, power range from 7kVA  to 30kVA
  4. Perfect after-service network
  5. Super silent, 65dB-70dB @ 7 M
  6. Warranty: One year or 1500 Working Hours from the shipment date, whichever comes first.
  7. Excellent performance for a small power range



Why Choose Hosem Power?


 1. Hosem Power engaged in the generator area for 15 years, we have rich experience in R&D and manufacturing generator sets.

 2. Every generator will be tested strictly before shipment, including:

  • 1) Parts faults testing
  • 2) Fuel tank pressure testing
  • 3) Bolt tightening torque testing
  • 4) Painting thickness testing
  • 5) Voltage bearing and insulation testing
  • 6) Noise testing
  • 7) Loading Testing: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110% load to check verify that all control systems, alarm and shut-down protection.

 3. production is submitted to ISO8528 and CE certification, and quality is certified by ISO9001 Management System to guarantee high-quality products and service.




Q: What's your warranty?

A: All our products we offer one year warranty or 1000 hours which comes first.


Q: What's your delivery time?

A: Standard product 20 days - 35 days. Customized product 40 days.


Q: Can we add our logo to products?

A: Yes, there are several ways to do this. We can put the label of your logo on the products or make the silk print of your logo on the products. It is free.


Q: Can we customize the product?

A: We have a very experienced technical team, we can customize any product according to your requirements, such as synchronization system, wet exhaust system, ultra-silent system


Q: What certifications are for your gen sets?


A: ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, CE, SASO, SONCAP, RETIE, etc.


Model Standby Power  Prime Power Engine Model Dimension (Silent Type) Weight Datasheet
A-KT8 8 6 7 5 D905-E2BG 1600x750x1000 525 Download
A-KT11 11 9 10 8 D1105-E2BG 1850x850x1100 573 Download
A-KT17 17 13 15 12 D1703-E2BG 1900x800x1100 650 Download
A-KT22 22 18 20 16 V2203-E2BG 1900x800x1100 740 Download
A-KT33 33 26 30 24 V3300-E2BG 1900x800x1120 950 Download
Model Standby Power  Prime Power Engine Model Dimension (Open Type) Weight Datasheet
A-KT8 8 7 7 6 D905-E2BG 1600x750x1000 525 Download
A-KT13 13 10 11 9 D1105-E2BG 1850x850x1100 573 Download
A-KT19 19 15 17 14 D1703-E2BG 1900x800x1100 650 Download
A-KT25 25 20 23 18 V2203-E2BG 1900x800x1100 740 Download
A-KT38 38 30 34 27 V3300-E2BG 1900x800x1120 950 Download



ATS cabinet is mainly applied to the automatic switch between prime and emergency power, composing an automatic emergency power supply system together with diesel generating sets. It will monitor prime power, When it is cut off, it can automatically switch loads such as emergency illumination, security power and fire fighting equipment to generating sets. Auto start, auto transfer, auto protection, auto power supply


Standard configuration:

  • Control option switch, transfer option switch, emergency stop, buzzer, voltmeter, ammeter, meter, controller, ATS Switch, breaker.
  • Multiple input/output functions can be customized.
  • Standard Capacity: From 20A-3200A


Brand: ABB, Schneider, Socome, Suyang, AISIKAI





Parallel distribution cabinet is designed for the parallel running of main power diesel generator sets. The system can operate automatically or be controlled manually.

The system has the functions of automatic frequency detection, synchronizing detection and switch-on.

It is convenient to expand the capacity to satisfy the need of increasing load.

It can be used together with multiple generating sets (32 parallel generating sets max.) to control multiple diesel generating sets for automatic synchronization.


It offers stable frequency and voltage and can bear large-capacity load impact, achieving reliable supply, centralized management and more flexible power allocation.




Load Bank


The purpose of most land banks is used to test of the emergency generator sets, verifying all genset components are in optimal working condition under different loads. Another purpose is working combined with the generator set, to take the load of the generator set is always above 30%


 Advantages of Load Bank

  • Confirming the gensets output capabilities as opposed to just starting it up on occasion.
  • Finding problems, instead of when an emergency arises, savings costs and prevents future breakdowns.
  • Helps to avoid wet-stacking and cleans out any carbon deposits.
  • Confirms that the engine cooling system will work efficiently under load.
  • Makes sure that the Genset will work properly when needed.


Three types of load banks are usually used to genset.

  • Resistive
  • Reactive
  • Intelligence 



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